Looking for a KS seatpost service? Look no further!

We try to keep up with the fast moving technology in the bicycle world but if you have a system that isn't on our price list  give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

All our full services include:

  • Full strip and chemical clean of your entire post

  • Replacement dust seals

  • Oils seals / foam rings

  • Replacement bushes and slide keys to eliminate play

  • Stanchion polish and re-lube with high quality suspension grease and oils

  • Optional hydrualic unit replacement with new 2 year warranty 

KS Lev Integra full service £72
KS Lev Integra full service 272 £72
KS Lev full service £68
KS Lev C full service £68
KS Lev Ci full service £68
KS Lev 272 full service £68
KS Lev DX full service £68
KS Supernatural full service £68
KS Dropzone R full service £68
KS Dropzone full service £68
KS Cruxi full service £68
KS eTeni full service £72
KS eTen Remote full service £72
KS eTen Full service £68


All KS seatposts are sent via courier fully insured at £6.50
KS Seatpost Service

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