Take your riding to a new level!

The Plush Progression Sessions are a rider technique coaching course that takes into account your bike setup aswell as your riding technique, resulting in improve confidence and understanding of the bike you ride.
Our coaching sessions are provided by Tom Dowie coaching.


You will be able to analyse tracks and trails to make adjustments to your bike set-up which will help your speed and control of your bike.



The sessions are designed to get the most out of your bike setup and develop your trail technique whilst taking in some of the local "secret" trails in and around Woburn Sands with like minded riders all looking to enhance their current skill level.



We aim to not only inspire your confidence on the trails but we want to give you an incite into suspension set-up that will give you confidence to make adjustments and maximise the set-up of the bike you ride.

Half price service*

Half price service*

Each progression session rider will receive a half price suspension service of their choice. Helping to keep your bike in the sweet spot. Terms and conditions apply.

Sessions are run as a 5 hour course which is split between, bike setup and suspension tuning tips followed by hands-on technique and skills coaching from world class rider Tom Dowie and Matt Clark.

Maximum group size is 10 riders with at least 2 coaches to make sure you get the attention and feedback you need to really progress.

The majority of the trails that we use for our Progression Sessions are very quiet and are away from the main riding area in woburn sands although we will use some sections of steep trail,  jumps and drops throughout the day.

Half price suspension service included*

Each rider will recive a half price suspension service to redeem after the session.

Session price: £90

Max group size 10 with 5 riders per trainer. Tom Dowie is a CTC qualified MTB coach and first aider. Mat Clark is a qualified adult group teacher and first aider. Contact us for more details.


*Half price service must be redeemed within 3 months of coaching session. Half price service refers to labour cost only and does not include parts and spares.

Course content

  • ​​Full bike setup anaysis

  • Core suspension setup session

  • Tuning bike setup for terrain and conditions

  • Advanced line selection

  • Steep technical descents

  • Riding berms

  • Drop-offs

  • Technical single track

  • Steep technical climbing

  • Tips to improve speed (energy management)

  • Refining braking techniques

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