There are many factors that need to be considerd when tuning suspension. Suspension linkage condition, tyre pressure and even how much water you carry in your camleback can have an effect on how your suspension system reacts to the many differant inputs a rider will put through it.

With this in mind we can offer basic or in depth tuning to all riders of all abilities. From simple spring rate setting and oil viscosity change to full custom valve, shim and piston tuning.

We recomend contatcing us so we can go through the options with and find a tune that suits your riding style and desired feel.



Oil viscosity tune + £15 to any standard service

We can accuratly mix oils to give you a damper system thats tailord to your weight and desired performance. We would reccomend this if you are very light weight or heavy or you simply want a performance change at low cost.



Shim stack tune + £30 to Vivid, DHX or Roco service

Shim tuning is a fantatsic way to get your suspension finly tuned to the feel you require. recomended for those that are fitting aftermarket rear shocks or those wanting ultimate tailored suspension performance.



Full tech and riding skills day consultation £399

We offer full day suspension testing for race teams, manafacturers and individuals alike. The day is set out with a full bike setup including suspension tune and adjustment optimisation. You will then be given 1-2-1 bike skills tuition with one of our expeirenced team riders. XC, DH, Enduro or 4X, we can give you a day thats guarenteed to make you faster and understand your suspension better.



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